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Tiny Dribblers

Age 2-4 – Very popular sessions comprising football-based games with an emphasis on fun. Coaches maintain an encouraging atmosphere where kids can enjoy soccer, while group activities help develop teamwork and positive interaction with other kids. We focus on the ABC fundamentals: Agility-Balance-Coordination.


Junior Kickers

Age 5-6 –  These sessions build on ABC fundamentals. Through fun games kids receive technical instructions and so become familiar with different aspect of soccer in a positive, encouraging environment.


Smart Kickers

Age 7 – 8 – These are development classes where players can play & enjoy soccer away from the pressure of teams and clubs. We teach players how to understand play and to develop their skills (for example how to control, receive and pass the ball correctly).


Performance Classes

Age 9-14 – These classes are held in small groups.   Players are evaluated and a programme is tailored to improve the quality of players across all levels of the game.

One on one performance sessions are also available

Our coaching philosophy is to recognise areas of play which can be strengthened and to develop specific skills which supports player progression

What We Offer

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